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20 Super Easy Blog Ideas for Students To Make Extra Money On The Side

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20 Super Easy Blog Ideas for Students To Make Extra Money On The Side

Whether you are a student or not, you will gain a lot from reading the awesome blog ideas shared in this post, especially the fact that most of them don’t require a lot or even any significant investment.

Since most students don’t have too much money to spend, these blog ideas require little to zero investment. And they can all be done on the side, without having to spend a lot of time.

Most students would want to make side incomes blogging. This is a noble desire as there are success stories of those who actually make money this way. Having the right blog ideas would make for speedy success and students must seek the best ideas before starting or even coming up with the thought to start blogging.

Before delving into the super easy blog ideas for students, let’s talk a bit about blogging itself and why it’s easy for students to start…

Why Blog Ideas For Students?

Or better put – why blogging for students to begin with, right?

Because blogging is considered one of the best ways to get started trying to earn money on the Internet. Of course it’s best when you start blogging as a hobby, but it can also be started primarily as a way to make money online.


The fact that it’s very easy to start blogging makes it even more appealing. All one needs to do usually is to be able to write and it doesn’t even have to be perfect “best-seller-type” writing.

Apart from these, below are some quick reasons why blogging is a good idea for students, in the first place:

♦ Blogging can be started for free, thanks to blog platforms like, etc. With these platforms you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started.

♦ Blogging is cheap to start, if you decide to go the paid route, thanks to cheap hosting packages from places like Kingged hosting. This hosting service allows you to pay monthly and gives you a lot more bonuses, as part of your hosting, without charging you for it.

♦ Buying domain names for your blog is cheap too, thanks to cheap domain name registrars like As the name implies, they offer cheap domain names from as low as just $10 or less per year.

♦ Blogging can be done part time, therefore allowing you to study and blog at your free time. You don’t have to report to work at a particular time and keep working until a particular time. You are free to blog when you want.

♦ Blogging can translate to a full time job when you are done with studies. You don’t have to go looking for a job after your studies, if your blogging career has kicked off well. You simply continue doing what you have been doing and scale.

♦ The blog can be sold anytime you want to, while still schooling or when you are done. It’s not unheard of to sell your blog for really good money even before you are done schooling.

I can go on and on, but as you can see, there are many advantages to blogging for students. And anyone can start a blog regardless of their skills.

With that out of the way, below are 20 of the super easy blog ideas for students to make money online blogging, on the side.

1 – Start Promoting Affiliate Marketing Products on your Blog

You can set up a blog and start promoting the products or services of merchants. You would be paid commission for each sale made via the link and traffic you direct from your blog.


There many affiliate marketing programs you can join from affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ClickBank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus, etc.

A code or link would be provided for you to insert in the page or post of the product you would be promoting on your blog.

To become successful as an affiliate marketing blogger, you must ensure that your blog drives in lots of targeted traffic.

And you usually get lots of targeted traffic when your blog is known for providing high quality information consistently.

The more valuable information you provide on your blog the more likely you will succeed.

So, if you are a student who can create valuable or useful information on a blog, you can run an affiliate program on your blog and start earning money right away.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing the right way, check out this amazing program. It can help you start making money with affiliate marketing within 30 days or less.

2 – Create and Sell Ebooks and Digital Products on your Blog

Creating and selling of ebooks and other digital products is a lucrative blog idea for students.

You can write an ebook (fiction or non-fiction) or develop a software (if you can code) and sell it on your blog.

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You create the product and ask visitors to download or install the product. If your ebook or digital product is properly presented and promoted through your blog then you have a chance of making  money online with it.

If you don’t want to start from the scratch to create ebooks or other digital products to sell, you don’t have to. Thanks to PLR or resell rights products you can sell other peoples’ products and take all the money you get.

If you want to make such products unique, you simply spend a bit of time to edit or improve upon them, before selling them as yours. Doing this allows you to put your name and other customizations and still take all the money you make from selling them.

One of the best resell rights memberships to get such resell rights products from is’s Ultimate Money Vault. It contains hundreds of products you can start selling right after joining. Yes, you get to take all the money you make from selling any of the products from this resell right membership.

3 – Run a Gaming blog

If you are student with interest in a specific game or even several games, you can start a blog about the game(s) then teach people how to play.


You can offer tips and tutorials on your blog about the games completely free and make money by selling advertisements or promoting other peoples’ products.

Of course, you can also have lock special tips and tutorials behind a private membership section on your blog where you charge people for access. Even if you charge a couple dollars, it can add up, particularly if your blog ends up with lots of interested readers.

4 – Run a Reseller blog

You can create a blog that resells articles and even other peoples’ created products.

You may not have the time to research and find new blog topics but you can sign up for reseller or PLR articles and use them as your own.

Reseller or PLR contents are offered to users with resell rights to use, edit, re-create, or repurpose, etc. As a student, you can buy, use and resell these.

Some even include  ebooks, audios, videos, plugins, banners, templates, etc.

You can make money with these items without having to worry about how to create them in the first place.

As I said earlier, one of the best resell rights memberships to get such resell rights products from is’s Ultimate Money Vault. You can find hundreds of really good quality resell rights products you can start selling right after joining.

5 – Run a Travel and Holiday blog

If you love traveling and have some experience in this area, you can make some money with this.

Your travel experiences as a student can be used to set up a blogm especially if you are one of those students who always has something to share with others from their travels.

You can set up a travel or holiday blog and share experiences of your vacations, exchange programs, and other journeys.

People love reading things like these, especially those shared by everyday people like you.

You may need to provide detail on the people you meet, the food you eat, the landmarks you visit. For sure, some readers would love to know more about these places.

With your blog, you would be providing the education and learning that help people form opinions of the places you have traveled to.

You can also monetize this blog through advertisement, sponsored posts, and other pay-per-click program.

6 – Build and sell Blogs

One blog idea that I consider awesome for students is starting, nurturing and then the flipping of blogs. This is a process whereby a blog is built, promoted, monetized, run and sold to the highest bidder.

There are many people who prefer to buy ready-made blogs or websites. You can provide them with such opportunity and make easy money in the process.


When running a blog primarily to be sold later, you must get it started the right way. For example, it should have its own domain and hosting.

I know money is short for students but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can use your savings to buy domain, hosting plan, set up the blog, and run it for a couple of weeks or months, and start making money.

The more profitable your blog is the more you are likely to make money with it.

7 – Run a Tutoring Blog

If you are one of those students with expert knowledge in specific subjects or topics, you can start a tutoring blog. This is where you can teach other students and get rewarded for it.

You will be surprised to know there are thousands or even millions of students out there who are willing to pay others for their expertise.

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You can set up a blog to teach Mathematics, English Language, or other topics to those who are interested.

You can make money from each subscription or lesson shared on the blog.

8 – Start a Blog Consultation Business or Service

You can consult with individuals and small businesses that need professional advice and guidance on their blogs.

As a blogging student with coding, design, SEO, content marketing, and other skills, your services may be needed from time to time.

Set up a blog to leave tips and tricks of your expertise. The more solutions you provide via your blog, the more likely you would make money as a student.

This blog idea is suitable for student bloggers with great expertise on a particular blogging topic.

If you don’t have expertise on any particular topic, it will be pretty hard to succeed with this. Yes, people say to “fake it until you make it”, but this isn’t recommended when it comes to blog consultation business or service. Either you know it from experience or you don’t.

9 – Run a Writing Blog

You can start a writing blog if you have the knack for putting words together nicely. Writing blogs are very popular online and you too can create your own and start making money.

You can write based on a specific genre, niche or passion. Writers make money online, you can too.

You can write and publish fictional stories or books, or you can write and publish non-fictional articles.

Whatever your choice writing niche, ensure that your readers get the best of entertainment, education, information and value.

It might start tough in the beginning but will become easier to monetize such blog and make consistent money from it.

10 – Sell Physical Products on your Blog

You can set up a blog and start selling physical products.


Even if you don’t have your own physical products, there are ways to still do this.

You can use an online store on the blog to sell homemade crafts, printed shirts, and other items.

You can also use the blog to sell products on Etsy, Ebay and Shopify.

You don’t need to do much but with the extra time in-between your studies you can start making money this way.

Drive in more traffic to your blog and you will make money selling your products or selling on behalf of other online stores.

As you can see, the most important thing here is traffic! If you know how to drive traffic, you can make a lot of money with your blog.

11 – Create a Products/Services Reviews Blog

As a student, you can set up a blog to review other peoples’ products and services. You can make money from those who buy through your review or even get paid directly from the companies you review their products.


A review blog would discuss the pros and cons of a product/service. It would help visitors make informed decisions about the product.

Some companies would pay you outrightly for reviewing their products or they would pay you for sponsoring ads.

Your success of making money from such a blog would be based on the traffic you get.

12 – Promote Online Surveys and Panel Discussions

Students can set up blogs and engage in online surveys. Although you really don’t need to have a blog to register with any get-paid-to site but you can use your blog to promote the activities of these sites and get paid for your efforts.

Online survey and panel discussions sites ask members to answer questions or leave their opinions on certain subjects or use certain products, for monetary or similar rewards.

You can set up blog where you explain the use of product and make review on the pros and cons. Depending on the type of site you promote, you can make really good money from your efforts.

13 – Engage in Social Media Blogging

A blog idea that students can take advantage of social media blogging.


This way you have to sign up any social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and share your content on the platform, just as you would on your blog.

You can regularly publish topic of your choice or you can help promote other people’s products.

Monetization of social media blogs with adverts and pay-per-click ads can go a long way to help you make constant money online.

14 – Run an Autobiography or Personal Life Blog

You can blog about your personal life and make money as student. You simply set up a blog and tell stories of your life to inspire others.

This blog idea may entail you writing about events and things you encounter each day.

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The more interesting your story becomes or the more inspiring it is, the more readers would learn from and identify with you.

15 – Start Video Blogging

Video blogs are very popular these days. With platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others, you can create and share your videos.


Students can share events of their school, skills, or experience as videos and make money from them.

In fact, video blogging is one of the best ways for students to make money on the Internet today. Youtube makes it so easy to get started on, and profit.

Your blog should be used to publish interesting informative, educative, entertaining, instructive videos.

You can monetize this platform and earn from viewers who visit your blog daily.

16 – Create and Promote an Audio Blog

Similar to video blogging, you can set up a blog and specifically share audio messages for your listeners.

You can create podcasts in the form of audio tutorials, seminars, or interesting speeches to visitors.

With the right recording equipment you should create audio products and make money blogging.

17 – Set up a Blog in your Online Store

You can build a mini online store and sell products you made or products that others have made.

With platforms and plugins like WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, etc., you can set up an online store in your blog to promote goods and services.

The blog would be pivot point of contact to update information about the product.

18 – Blog about your Special Skill or Talent

If you have special skill or talent in cooking, dancing, coding, art, singing, etc., you can share these on a blog.

You should blog about what you do and teach people certain tricks and tips with your experience.

If more people find your blog interesting then you can monetize and make money from it.

Blogging your talent can help a lot of people get value for what they do.

19 – Accept Guest Posts on your Blog

Use your blog to accept guest posts from contributors. This is one way of ensuring you don’t run out of blog post ideas.

Accepting guest posts on your blog will inspire writers to submit quality topics and increase engagement in your blog.

The success of a guest post blog is determined by the relativity of the posts to your blog’s niche and the demands of the target audience.

20 – Run a Freelance Writing Portfolio Blog

If you are student who loves to write, you can run a freelance writing blog and make some cool cash from it.


With such a blog, it can be used to showcase all the works and articles you have published.

A freelance writing portfolio blog would also display the terms of your writing, how much you charge, and updates relating to the service, pricing and blog.

As a student, you can set this blog to write content for marketers, bloggers, website owners, businesses, etc, and get paid.

When people read other articles you have written and are satisfied with the quality, it’s easy to hire you for their writing needs. You will be surprised that there are many people out there who are ready to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for very good writing.

Not everyone would want articles written. Some would even want whole ebooks written for them. If they find your previous work very well written, they can hire you for whole ebooks or even on a long term writing basis, paying you thousands of dollars per month.


There are unlimited blog ideas for students to make money online. The major limitation is your imagination, skill set and determination.

And of course, apart from these you need to take action before you can make any money. Many people read articles like this, shrug their shoulders and say they “know all that stuff”. But knowing is not enough. You need to take some action on what you know, before you can get any result.

As a student, blogging gives you time and freedom to continue with your students and still be able to make money on the side.

Don’t forget that with as a blogger, the more valuable information you provide on your blog the more likely you will succeed and make money with your blog.

Lastly, if you want the best and fastest (yet genuine and safe) way to make money online, check out this amazing program. It is run by this very site,, and can help you start making money with affiliate marketing within 30 days or less.

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