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How Bloggers Are Getting Paid $120 to $1,200+, Even Without Doing Any Work


How Bloggers Are Getting Paid $120 to $1,200+, Even Without Doing Any Work

With the many scams and lies online, it’s hard to believe headlines like this, isn’t it?

Thankfully this is as genuine as can be.

It’s so genuine that the site involved has actually been paying bloggers for years now, including yours truly, Janice Wald of this very blog.

Did that get your attention?

We hope it did ☺

So yes, it’s possible to get paid $120 to $1,200 as a blogger without doing any work, thanks to an amazing program from

The special affiliate version of this program has been reviewed a couple times on this blog. The first one was published here on Janice’s on the 30th of December, 2016.

It got as many as 100+ comments already within the first 20 days. And many of the comments came from those who already got paid, including Janice herself.

But while that particular version needed bloggers to publish review posts before getting paid, this new version doesn’t.

With this new version, bloggers get paid without publishing any review posts nor doing any special work beyond what they are already doing on their blogs.

$120 to $1,200+ Without Doing Any Work?

Yes, with this new version of the program, bloggers like you can get paid $10 to $100+ monthly, which amounts to $120 to $1,200+ yearly… without doing any work.

The exact amount will depend on the quality and engagement level of your blog, but what’s most important to note is:

– You don’t need to publish any review posts before you get paid.

– You don’t need to bring in any clicks before you get paid.

– You don’t need to make any sales before you get paid.

And when you put a bit of effort in, to make some sales, you get paid another $100 to $1,000+ monthly, which amounts to $1,200 to $12,000 yearly!

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Janice and Others Bloggers Are Already Getting Paid $360 to $3,600+ Without Doing Any Work

Janice first wrote a review about Kingged in September 2016 right here on even before we got into any kind of communication with her.

She heard about Kingged, syndicated her first article, got a lot of traffic and was compelled to write her review here… all before we got into any kind of communication with her.

All that led us to start communicating and working with her. Since then we have been partnering with her on some of our programs, including this new program.

Talking figures, Janice is already getting paid and will get paid a minimum of $360 to $3,600+ yearly, from this new program, All this without doing a single extra work than she’s currently doing with her blog.

And if or when she does a bit more work to bring in some sales, she will get paid another $1,200 to 12,000+ yearly!

Of course, she and others get paid much more when they do a bit more work. And the work can be as simple as reviewing some of the products promoted on

But whether they do this extra work or not, the default $360 to $3,600+ yearly is guaranteed payment.

We know that amount won’t make any blogger rich but it can help with everyday blogging expenses, won’t you agree?

More so, we have seen bloggers quit just because their hosting expenses were more than they were earning. Even if this new program only helps with paying your hosting and other expenses, won’t that be great? Especially since it won’t require any extra work from you, beyond what you are already doing with your blog.

Note that Janice and others are getting paid this much because of the quality and engagement level of their blogs.

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While you may not get paid as much as Janice and other bloggers, you will definitely get paid at least $120 to $1,200+ yearly, if you are accepted for this program… even without doing any work.

And no, you don’t have to pay anything to get started with this program. pays you instead, from the first day you get approved and monthly afterward.


Has Ever Paid Any One?

Don’t take our word for it. Read From Some Of Those Who Have Already Made Money With Kingged Affiliate System, even without making any affiliate sales



Bloggers are getting paid

Bloggers are getting paid Kingged makes affiliate marketing easier for #marketers who get paid to write reviews


As you can see from the above testimonials, Kingged indeed pays bloggers and has been paying successfully for a long while now.


About This New Program

You will need to apply here to get the full details of this new program.

We are not putting the full details of this new program in this post because bloggers are approved on an individual basis, and the exact amount to be paid will be dependent on blog quality and/or level of engagement.

But yes, the least to be paid is still $120 to $1,200+ per year, regardless of blog quality or level of engagement.

Before applying, please note that:

– Your blog should be around topics such as Making Money Online, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Writing, Finance, Business, Marketing, Computers, Technology, and similar topics as on

– Health, Fitness, Home Improvement and similar topics are not currently supported. But if you occasionally write posts around the accepted topics, you can still be considered.

– Your blog should be active, in terms of new posts published and engagement with the posts.

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– Bloggers located in India, Pakistan, Senegal, Bangladesh, China and Russia are not currently supported.

– Only blogs on self-hosted platforms with domains names are currently supported.


How To Apply For This New Program 

Though not compulsory, it’s a good idea to first become a member of before applying.

If you are not yet a member, you can join here.

It’s completely free to be a member.

After becoming a member, apply here for this program. When applying, indicate in the “other information” section that you were referred by this post on Janice’s blog. This will help with speeding up your approval.

All applications are reviewed within 24 to 96 hours and those approved can get started right away.

Yes, all those approved get paid right away for the first month, even before getting started.

Lastly, don’t forget that you don’t have to pay anything to get started with this program. pays you instead, from the first day you get approved and monthly afterward.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

Recently, I wrote about how bloggers are getting paid.  I wanted everyone to know there is no mystery, no secret. This is one of the ways I get paid, and you can too, for doing no additional work.

Readers, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate. Ask them in the comments box.

Clearly, bloggers are getting paid and you can too by Kingged.

Please share so other bloggers and marketers discover how bloggers are getting paid so they can apply.

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