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How To Easily Get 1,000 Email Subscribers In One Week

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How To Easily Get 1,000 Email Subscribers In One Week

How To Easily Get 1,000 Email Subscribers In One Week

How To Easily Get 1,000 Email Subscribers In One Week

Are you struggling to grow your mass email list even bigger?

Do you have 1,000 email subscribers?

Perhaps you’d like to create a mass email list but the masses just aren’t jumping on it.

Guest author Peter Nyiri returns with more proven blogging tips.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to massively build a targeted email list.

In addition, you’ll discover how to monetize your newly-built list of email subscribers.

How To Get 1,000 Email Subscribers In One Week

by Peter Nyiri

Do you want to grow your blog and increase your sales?

You need email subscribers. However, at the rate of 2-3 subscribers a day, it is just going to take you

too long to get there.

Therefore you need a better strategy.

Some of you may be asking if it is even possible to get that many subscribers in such a short time.

Well, if you watch this video, John Chow, 7-figure blogger, personally says that he is getting 200 subscribers

a day with his Make Money Blogging e-book.

I understand that you are not John Chow; neither am I. Therefore, we need a different strategy to do this,

and in this post, I am going to break this down for you.

Even though I cannot guarantee that you will get 200 subscribers a day, using the data I provide WILL

increase the number of people signing up for your blog significantly, so pay attention.

Please understand that this blog post is just a teaser, for the reason that it is impossible to summarize

months of research in just one post.

The full story is contained in my free funnel-building email course. I am going to jump around a bit to

different subjects, but don’t worry, at the end, it will all add up.

Thinking Outside The Box

This is the key concept you need to understand if you want to get a lot of subscribers fast.

You may remember my previous blog post on Getting Your Blog To The First Page Of Google Guaranteed.

Even though it was posted as late as November 12, it ended up as the fifth top post of 2017. This means it

attracted more viewers in less than two months than most other posts that maybe had the entire year to

collect page views.

To achieve this, I had to think outside the box. In fact, I had to be a bit crazy (in the good sense).

I wanted to give you an update on what happened after that experiment. As you can probably imagine,

I didn’t stop there.

That strategy is not very sophisticated in terms of keyword research and is a bit hit or miss, but still,

after writing just 6 blog posts using that strategy, I got my completely new blog (6 months old) from zero

organic traffic to 250 organic visitors a month. I have over 20 keywords that are ranking on the top page

of Google and about 800 keywords in the first 100 pages. Here is my Google Search Console screenshot (last 30 days):

And I could do more, it’s just writing more blog posts for the right keywords.

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And you can see, the same thing in my SEMRush account – you can see that jump from zero to now

having an average of 12 organic visitors a day. This is is not that much, but it can be scaled and I know

that several new blog owners would jump up and down from joy at the idea of having this amount of traffic on autopilot.

Another thing to consider is that long-tail keywords are always towards the end of the “decision funnel”,

meaning the searcher is informed, already figured out what he wants, therefore such traffic converts much

better and in this case, less is more.

Just look at the above screenshot for examples – if someone is looking for “ClickFunnels competitors”,

they already know what a sales funnel is, what ClickFunnels is, they know it is relatively expensive, and

they are now looking for competitors (alternatives to get it cheaper). They are totally ready to buy and

click on the link if they are shown the best alternative.

You can also see on the screenshot that other versions of the same term are also being ranked,

increasing the organic traffic. I have 5 phrases that are the variation of the same search intent,

namely traffic from expired domains.

Providing Extreme Value

The way all this connects with getting 1,000 subscribers is the following:

In order to have a chance to even come close, the first step is to provide insane value that appeals to

and attracts a large crowd of people.

And no, I am not talking about the type of list articles like the 324 ways to use keywords.

Instead, I recommend to pick one narrow subject and jam it with valuable information that not only

answers the original question of the searcher but also brings up additional points and consequences

that he would never think of.

I have written several high-quality articles like this to target a certain segment of my potential subscribers,

based on their pain points. Subjects include getting on the first page of Google (I have a super detailed

post on this), how to get sales on your website/blog, and the clueless newbie’s guide to website traffic.

Also, my whole blog and sales funnel represents a new type of marketing that focuses on

  • value
  • relationship
  • trust
  • engagement.


Promoting Your Posts

Once you have these posts, you need to promote them. Put them in front of as many people as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t give you detailed instructions on this yet, as I need to dig deeper and figure it out

myself. The biggest problem with any promotion is how to get a lot of exposure without having to spend

your entire day having to sit at the computer to promote.

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Your Lead Magnet

Many websites don’t even have a lead magnet.


The next way to mess it up is to have a 40-page e-book.


Your ideal lead magnet should deliver a big impact in less than 5 minutes.


As I go website to website, I can hardly dodge the most unexciting downloads I get bombarded with.


Again, you need to think outside the box and you need to be different from everyone else.


“Tips and tricks” about losing weight does not have enough impact.


Try instead a short report that will show you how to get rid of 20 pounds in 20 days without having to starve.


Of course, your offer needs to be realistic and you need to be able to deliver on your promise.


There was a men’s dating affiliate site that had the “Kiss test” as a lead magnet. The Kiss test is, “How do

you know if the girl you are taking out on a date is ready to be kissed?”


The answer you got after you submitted your email address was just two lines.


If you pull her towards yourself and she leans away, she is not ready. If she leans towards you, she is ready.


Think outside the box…


I understand you may not be able to come up with an awesome idea immediately.


My Lead Magnet


The trick is to keep your eyes open. When you go around in Facebook groups, see what the things are that people are dying to get. Unfortunately, you will need to use your imagination more than the average people do…


This is what happened to me. I came across a domain that has a high domain authority. The owner didn’t want it anymore and I took it over. I was going to resell it for a hundred bucks.


Then I changed my mind – I put WordPress on it and I was just going to let it sit for a while to regain its organic traffic… But then I said, wait a minute… My best website, the one I showed you above had only DA 16, and looks like Moz now updated something, because it only shows DA 13, and I see other websites also showing a lower DA…


And now I have a website with a DA of over 30, and am I just going to get rid of it? The website is on the

subject of WordPress themes. I am sure you agree that it can be very frustrating to figure out which theme

to use for your blog. The descriptions that exist are incredibly generic.


There was no way for me to write 1,000 different reviews on themes I never saw, but I figured that the people

who live and sleep with their blogs know their themes inside out and they would probably be happy to

provide a review with the opportunity to advertise and link back to their blog… since a theme review is

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not worth much unless you can see it in real life.


This is how my last lead magnet was born.


Do you see how I am thinking outside the box?


My Original Lead Magnet


But you should have more than one lead magnet to attract types of different people.


The original lead magnet that I have is “Experience my funnel”. This is based on the problem that most blog owners get occasional sales, but overall they are unable to get consistent sales from their blog. The secret to solving this is a properly built sales funnel.


I did some research, digested the data and built a new type of sales funnel that is based on value and engagement. You don’t get pitched random offers… You are given education, value and in the process, you will be shown the tools that you need to solve your problem. If I can show you that it will solve your pain or that you will make more money than you invest, you will buy it anyway.


Let’s say you are reading about getting subscribers and I walk you through a website where you can easily do just that – you would sign up for that platform without needing to be sold. No need for a long sales pitch. Most importantly, you are not going to feel that you are being sold because you receive a recommendation from a trusted friend.


So really the whole sales process is to build up trust, build up a relationship, provide ALL the information so that the person can make an informed buying decision. In my free sales funnel email course, I teach people how to do this, explaining the tactics I use and at the same time I get them to experience it.


That’s my lead magnet… No download.




So let’s sum it up.


  1. You need to potentially attract a lot of people by giving incredible value in your blog post.
  2. You need to massively promote this post.
  3. You need a powerful lead magnet to get the sign-ups.
  4. You sell to your subscribers by building a relationship, establishing yourself as an expert. and recommending products that have worked for you.


Did you even notice how you were being “sold” to come over and sign up for my list?


And since I am a person who likes challenges, I am going for attracting 1,000 email subscribers in 1 week…


What I would like to do below is to review the lead magnet that you are using and comment below on what you think about it in light of the data you just read.

Readers, please share, so website creators know how to build a mass email list quickly and for free.

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