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Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (extension from the chrome web)


Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (extension from the chrome web)

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers (extension from the chrome web)

Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser used today and rightfully so. This web Browser is fast, secure, easy to install, works on any device, and you can sync Chrome data across all of your devices.

Did I mention that Google Chrome has an excellent, easy to use tab management system? Well, it does.

Despite all of the benefits that come with using Google Chrome, what truly makes Google Chrome remarkable

is the ability to add new features and extend the functionality of the browser.


extension from the chrome web

New features and functionality can be added to the Google Chrome browser via extensions. Google Chrome extensions can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store.

There are thousands of extensions to choose from that have many different functionalities that it can

become confusing to know which extensions to download. For this reason, I’ve put together a list of must-have Google Chrome extensions for bloggers. In this article, I will only be focusing on the Google Chrome

extension needs of bloggers, but there are many more extensions that can be downloaded for other purposes.

Google Chrome Extensions for Designing a Website


Have you ever gone to a webpage and found that perfect color that you just need to use on your website? Afterwards, have you tried to recreate the exact shade of that color on your website and it just doesn’t

look the same?

Yep, I’ve been there. No need to worry though. There’s a Google Chrome extension that will help you

find the exact color match from any webpage. This extension is called ColorZilla.

ColorZilla uses an eyedropper to get the color of any pixel on the webpage by simply hovering over the color of choice. This extension even gives you the RGB and the hex code of the color. Colorzilla allows you to

easily copy the hex code to your clipboard by simply clicking on the color you want to copy.

This feature is particularly useful if you are editing the HTML and the CSS of your website and you

want to just copy and paste the hex code into your file.

Finding the color of any pixel on a webpage isn’t the only thing that ColorZilla does. ColorZilla also generates CSS gradients, analyzes the colors of a webpage by getting a color palette for any page, and allows you to browse 7 pre-installed palettes.

If you want to have complete control over the colors you use on your website, ColorZilla is a must-have Google Chrome extension. Get the ColorZilla extension from the Chrome Web Store here.


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You want to find the perfect font to use on your website. You browse around the web for inspiration and eventually you come across a font that you really like, but you don’t know the name of the font. So, what do you do?

That’s easy. You go to the Chrome Web Store and download another extension called WhatFont.

WhatFont is the easiest way to find out what fonts were used on a webpage. All you have to do with this extension is hover over the font of choice to find out which font family was used by the owner of the website. If you also want to find out the font size, line height, and the color of the font, you can click on any font of choice to do so.

Sometimes, it’s great to see what font family and font size other bloggers use to get an idea of what you should use. Get the WhatFont Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

Page Ruler

The page ruler allows you to click and drag a ruler on any webpage to get pixel dimensions and positioning.  Any element can be measured with this ruler.  The page ruler measures the width, height, and the top, bottom, left, and right positions of the selected area in pixels.

The page ruler can be resized and moved using the arrow keys. This ruler also allows you to update the size and positioning of the ruler manually to get precise, pixel perfect measurements.

This extension also allows you to enable element mode if you want to outline the elements on your webpage by hovering over them. If you wanted to change the color of your ruler, you can do that too with the page ruler.

This Google Chrome extension is a must-have for web designers and developers. The page ruler is also a must-have if you are just someone designing your own website. After all, an amazing looking website is the first step to success.

Get the Page Ruler extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media

Hootsuite Hootlet

Social media can be quite time consuming, especially if you’re posting the same things over and over again on different social media accounts. Hootsuite Hootlet makes this process easier.

Hootsuite Hootlet allows you to quickly and easily share webpages to all of your social networks. This extension also allows you to schedule your post to go out at the best time. This means that you can be online even at a time when you’re not. Just pick a time and let Hootsuite Hootlet do all of the work for you.

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Get the Hootsuite Hootlet extension from the Chrome Web Store here.


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In my opinion, Pinterest happens to be one the best social media websites for driving traffic to your blog. To successfully use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you should know the type of content that gets a lot of re-pins and a lot of likes. This is where the Google Chrome extension Pinontop comes in.

Pinontop allows you to find the most popular pins for a chosen keyword or for a set of keywords. You can sort these popular pins by the number of re-pins or by the number of likes on those pins.

The Pinontop extension is a great way to discover content that tends to go viral on Pinterest. This is not to say that downloading this extension alone will help your pins go viral. You still need to create or find eye-catching pins that tend to do well on Pinterest. However, you can use Pinontop as a starting point to finding viral pins.

Get the Pinontop extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

Pinterest Save Button

Another Pinterest Chrome extension? I must be a really huge fan of Pinterest and for good reason. In my opinion, it’s so much easier to go viral on Pinterest than any other social media platform. However, to make your pins go viral, you’re going to have to be really active on Pinterest.

What better way to be active on Pinterest, then to download the Pinterest Save Button? If the pin you find on a website is related to one of your blog posts, you can easily redirect traffic from your Pinterest account to your website by simply changing the URL it is directed to.

Get the Pinterest Save Button extension from the Chrome Web Store here.  

Google Chrome Extensions for Website Ranking


NoFollow is a great extension to determine whether a link is NoFollow or DoFollow. You might be wandering why you would need to know whether a link is Nofollow or DoFollow. Well, if you are creating backlinks for SEO purposes, you certainly want to know if the website you plan on creating a backlink from will give you a DoFollow backlink or not.

There are other ways to check whether a link is NoFollow or DoFollow, such as inspecting the elements within the page by right-clicking on the link and then going to inspect. However, the NoFollow extension makes this process very easy. This extension will put a red border around any link that has the NoFollow attribute. Any links that do not have a red border around them will be DoFollow links.

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You can get this extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats is the most popular SEO extension for the Google Chrome browser.

This extension can show you traffic stats from Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, and Compete Traffic Rank. It can also show you the number of pages that are getting indexed in search engines and the number of backlinks in search engines Alexa, Google, Open Site Explorer, and Sogou. Open SEO Stats shows the page speed of the current webpage as well.

Open SEO Stats allows you to view the above information for any website on the internet, not just your website.

Please note that this extension is in no way an indication of the success of a website. There are many ways to make a website successful, such as by learning social media marketing. Even though your website may not rank perfectly with this extension, it can still end up on the front page of Google. I mention this because I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes down after using this extension on their website. Despite this, the Open SEO Stats extension is still useful to have and can be used to guide you in your quest to blogging success.

Get the Open SEO Stats extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

Word Count

The Word Count extension may not directly help you with website ranking, but indirectly this is a useful extension to have for just that purpose.

Did you know that long-form content ranks higher in Google search results than short-form content? Well, it does and I’m talking about articles that are 1,500+ words long.

The Word Count extension adds a word count feature to your right-click menu. To use this extension, you need to first select the text on a webpage. Then, you need to right-click (or ctrl+click if you are using a mac) and select ‘Count Words.’

This extension is really useful if you want to find out the length of the articles that popular bloggers in your niche use on their websites. Use the Word Count extension on the top 10 results in the Google Search Engine within your chosen topic. Then, take note of the length of their articles using this extension.

This extension should give you an idea of the length you should aim for when writing your blog posts. Get the Word Count extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

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