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Top 5 Best Apps to Run Multiple Accounts (Clone Any Android Apps with multi accounts app)


Top 5 Best Apps to Run Multiple Accounts (Clone Any Android Apps with multi accounts app)

Top 5 Best Apps to Run Multiple Accounts (Clone Any Android Apps), multi accounts app

Do you want to run same apps multiple times in single android device? Well, Now your searching ends here. Today i came with another  Lists in which i will show you best apps to clone android apk. So if you want to run multiple messaging account in your android mobile then try multi accounts app. These app will help you in managing multiple online accounts without changing device.

multi accounts app

As we use double sim in one mobile as the same now we can use double or multiple same apps in single smartphone. We all know, Many social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Clash of Clan etc are not available for multiple user in one device. Don’t worry, below apps are able to provide two accounts in your mobile.

Best Apps to Clone Android Apps

Cloning app the the best way to run multiple accounts in the same device. Now lets try below apps to run multiple account in same smartphone. And then you not need to login and logout every time. Only you have to switch multi account app and enjoy the same app without sign out.

#1. Parallel Space – Run Multi Accounts

Parallel Space is one of the famous cloning app in the internet. This app enable you to play multiple accounts of the same apps at a time. Parallel app will clone the same app in different environment. Parallel space is very best performing app to clone any android app. After installing parallel space you will see Plus sign where you are allowed to select the app that you want to use double app. And also if your android app got update then it will automatically update cloned app.

  • Log in to many accounts of Social messaging apps or Android games at a time.
  • Protect our privacy by making apps invisible (Incognito mode)
  • Easy to switch from one account to another account.

#2. Go Multiple – Run Parallel Account

Go multiple app allow you to run multiple accounts simultaneously and ultra fast switch online. So if you have more than two accounts in any apps or games and you don’t want to Log in/out then you must try Go Multiple parallel app.

  • Run double messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Play double games with different account.
  • Having fast SWI (Switch between Interface)
  • Gives high privacy and security
GO Multiple - parallel account
Developer: GOMO Go
Price: Free+


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#3. Multiple Accounts – 2 Accounts

Multiple accounts is the best alternative to Parallel space and Go Parallel app. This app is developed by Excelliance Technology. Now lets try to do single app into double app in android mobile. 2 Accounts app enables you to cone app and use multiple account with different storage.

  • Run double Game accounts in single mobile
  • Use two apps with different user id
  • Lock the apps (Pro feature)


#4. 2Face – Multi Accounts

Meet the another multiple account app to run double WhatsApp account or any other app or games you want to clone. 2 Face app is made by CleanMaster. By using this app, there will no require to log in again and again. Hence you can use two accounts of android apps or  games in the same device.

  • Easy to go from one account to another account
  • Get separate notifications from both accounts.
  • Save data in Separate folder of both app/game


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#5. Multi Accounts (Root Required)

Before using this parallel multi accounts you should conform that your device is rooted, Otherwise this app will not work. Try Best Rooting Apps to root your android device. Well, Lets know something about Multi Accounts app. As we know almost every android mobile are having 2 Sim & we know very well that we can’t operate 2 whatsapp in the same mobile. Wait.! It is possible to run 2 whatsapp in single device without using gbwhatsapp. Lets try this Multi Accounts app (Note : Root required)

Multi Accounts
Developer: ExcellentsApps
Price: Free+


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Finally i want to tell you that currently i am using Parallel Space in My Device. I have tested many multi account app & i got above five apps, are best for you. But it is not end, Please let us know which one is best multiple accounts manager for you ? And also If you got this something helpful then you should share with your friends.

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