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The various ways to Increase website speed


The various ways to Increase website speed

The various ways to Increase website speed


Increase website speed, According to Google algorithm, the website with fast loading speed tends to rank higher than other.

The world no longer believes in slow and steady wins the race but fast and furious is the key to success.

The speed is a key reason to succeed online. If you are struggling with the speed of your website then

you are in the right place. Keep reading.

increase website speed

Why is high-speed important?

The speed of the website is directly proportional to the traffic to your page. The Google algorithm

is one point, consider yourself as a visitor to a website if it takes a long time to load would you wait for its

loading. The answer is big no, no one has enough patience for it.
The advantage of better page speed:

Better user experience
High rank
High traffic
Better SEO experience
Every second of page load time is critical from sales perspective.


How to increase website speed.

There are many ways to increase website speed ranging from reducing JavaScript, CSS to the clearing of the caches:

1. Minimize JS , HTML and CSS.

The excess of the CSS and JavaScript file can slow down your website drastically. The CSS and JavaScript

files should be minimized.

There are many tools which can be used to minimize CSS such as CSS minifier.

To reduce JavaScript, try the Closure Compiler.

To minimize HTML, you can use Page-Speed Insights Chrome Extension to generate an optimized

version of your HTML code.

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The plugins like Autoptimize can change script on WordPress.

Minimizing CSS could reduce your website size to few kilo bites but that can boost the speed

of the website and make it efficient.

You can check the speed of your website here


2. Minimize HTTP request.

Around 80% of loading time is spent on downloading different part of the web pages like style sheet,

text, images, and media. There is an individual HTTP request for above-mentioned element.

We can reduce these by adopting for a simple design of your web pages. Reduce the number of

elements on a page and combine various style sheet.


3. Update everything.

You have to be updated to increase the speed. Make sure that the WordPress, WordPress theme, plugins and other things are updated to the latest.

Updating the software make those things more compatible and boost the speed of your website.

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4. Clearing of caches.

Caches are the types of data storage. Cache is a collection of the webpages including the text, images, and media. This helps in improving the user experience.

These caches can increase the website size considerably. We need to clear this cache after some interval of time. Enable browsing cache to increase website speed.

You need to use the PHP-MY-ADMIN to clear the cache.

The plugins like optimize can do wonders for you. This is the extensive WordPress database cleanup and optimization tool for WordPress and it doesn’t need PHP-MY-ADMIN to clean the cache.

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5. Image optimization.

The images can take up huge space of your website and increase its size considerably. The next thing to do after clearing the cache is optimization of images so they take less space up there.

There are many plugins which can do this for you and directly increase website speed. For example ShortPixel image optimizer.

JPEG is your best option.
PNG is also good, though older browsers may not fully support it.


6. Gzip compression.

Gzip is a method of compressing files (making them smaller) for faster network transfers. It is also a file format.Compression allows your web server to give smaller file sizes which load faster for your website users.

Gzip compression

You can enable from your C-panel. Doing this would boost up your website speed around 50-60%.


7. Plugins.

The plugins are the software part which adds a specific feature to your website. The numbers of plugins should be restricted.

Use those plugins which add specific value to your blog.

This would Increase website speed and lower the loading time.



After doing all this step and reducing redirects you will enjoy all the advantages of the high-speed website and ultimately more traffic and income.


Happy blogging.

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