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Whatsapp Typing Tricks and Tips | Latest Hidden Feature [Updated]


Whatsapp Typing Tricks and Tips | Latest Hidden Feature [Updated]

Whatsapp Typing Tricks and Tips | Latest Hidden Feature [Updated]


In this article, you can find some of the hidden Whatsapp typing tricks and Whatsapp last seen tricks for some fun. We included latest tricks and tips for users.

Whatsapp, one of the popular Android and iOS application. It has over 1 billion active users worldwide. It’s very simple and most reliable instant messaging application. If your Smartphone has an internet connection you can connect with your friends within minutes.  Whatsapp has many other hidden features, we included some all the WhatsApp typing tricks.

The main features of Whatsapp are texts, group chat, video and voice calls, web and desktop mode also available; End to end encryption, photos and videos, documents, voice messages and broadcast messages etc. It’s more than enough for us to text with our friends or relatives.

Latest Whatsapp Typing Tricks

Other than text, voice, video messages Whatsapp have some hidden typing tricks for users to style their text. But you can’t able to see in a menu or any were. Whatsapp used some symbols to make those typing tricks into reality.

With latest Whatsapp typing tricks you can style your messages as Italic, Bold, Strikethrough, Monospace, follow steps to make it happen.


To make your Whatsapp text italic, place an underscore on two sides of the text you wish to italicize, like so:

For Example: _your text_


To bold your Whatsapp text message, add an asterisk on both sides of the text, same technique as above.

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For Example: *your text*


To strikethrough your message, please add a tilde symbol on both sides of the text you wish to need to apply this feature.

For Example:  ~your text~


To monospace your text message, please add three backticks on both sides of text you need to apply monospace.

For Example “`your text“`

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Alternative Whatsapp Typing Tricks

Alternatively, you can do those typing tricks in another way, let’s know how:

On Android – Open text area and tap the text you need to add bold, italic, monospace and Strikethrough, on the popup window click “More” select whatever text format you need.

On iOS – Open text area and tap text you need to add bold, italic and strikethrough, On pop up window click “BIU” and select whatever  text format you need

Whatsapp Last Seen Tricks

whatsapp typing tricksAre you looking for Whatsapp last seen tricks to talk with your loved ones? Then it’s for you. With this last seen tricks you can show fake last seen or show an older last seen on also with an option to see blue tricks of others while at the same time hiding ours, sounds good right! It’s also easy too.

To show fake last seen, you need to install Whatsapp +, just follow how to enable this feature.

Steps to Whatsapp last seen tricks

  • Backup your real Whatsapp messages, ( Go  to Settings – Chat settings – Backup Conversations )
  • Then Uninstall the original Whatsapp
  • Now install Whatsapp + from this link – Download.
  • You can restore your message backups while installation.
  • Once your installation is finished. Open Whatsapp + and Click on options and select Hide last seen – now on others will show only your older daytime.
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Now you’re done with Whatsapp last seen tricks, you’re in incognito mode in whatsapp, so you can see other’s last and and other won’t.

Its fully working and if you have any doubts regarding using it, please feel free to contact us through comments.

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